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I am a HUGE fan of Pondering Wade and I am SUPER grateful to be inducted into the WADE FAMILY ! :) Excited for the RIDE ! I've been influenced by many different musicians and genres. I would describe the kind of music that I play as MEANINGFUL MUSIC. I've been writing and performing for 4 years. My career started at my Uncle Eddie's concert venue, AWENDAW GREEN, near Charleston, SC. Before moving to Manning, I lived near Charleston in Mount Pleasant, SC close to the coast. In 2012, I won the Clarendon County Talent Show and in 2013, I won a songwriting contest at the Clay Pot in Florence, SC. I began a campaign of newspaper articles advocating for young songwriters.
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"W R I T E   O N"  - Macklemore

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9th Grade French Assignment 

May 6, 2015


In the Life of


In the life of Ginger Winn, I have a very spontaneous, very manic life. I’m in the music business which is a very spontaneous, very manic business, with a very spontaneous, very manic band in NC, and we travel on the road a lot on a very spontaneous, very manic schedule, and I have a very spontaneous, very manic, very loving mother and family to come along on the ride J
You never know when to wake up in my life, could be 6:00 AM, could be 8:45 AM ( my preferred time ), could be noon, could be 4:00 PM after a late night in the studio. We’re taking an Adventure of 17 different cultures and eating their cuisine and learning their musical and lifestyle heritage for 21 day stretches of each culture. We’re in Aboriginal Season right now so I start my day with a ripe apple from ALDI ( rose apples from Walmart this week ) and a chilly glass of OJ.
Now it’s about 9:30 AM after a powwow with my mom at the island, and I’m energized from my OJ and apple, ( they say an apple in the morning is just as effective as coffee ) so I start my stretching routine on our ballet bar for about 20 minutes. Throughout the day, I jump around our different exercise equipment and stay fit. My mom is usually back from dropping my little brother, Jaden, off from school so we start on preparing brunch. Our dining schedule is eat apple and OJ, brunch, dessert, dinner, tea time.
So now we have brunch prepared on the island, literally on the island, ( we call it the board ) with no plates and no utensils for Aboriginal Season, unless it’s hot and/or runny, usually involving shish kabobs and finger licking. We just came off of Asian Season so we’re still getting used to preparing and eating on the board and my mom loves the no dishes for 21 days (:
After brunch ( now noon ) it’s time to tend to our wolf sanctuary. We have two massive wolf pens filled with Klaus, Seera, Tyson, Terix, Killian, and Hercules, along with our other domestic dogs we have out. We have a huge chunk of our day chiseled out for animal care. That involves feeding, watering, and doing a head count J lol
Usually now, it’s about 4:00 PM and we’re waiting for Dr. Phil to come on at 5:00 PM so we all find something to do outside for around an hour until my alarm goes off at 4:56 PM and I scream, “DR. PHIL IN 4 !!!.” We watch him everyday we can because Mom and I write our Sunday Letter to Dr. Phil expressing that he has the power to change the world being the #1 talkshow on television. He needs to take take advantage of that instead of fixing ONE family’s brokenness. Did you know that China has no bees because they killed all of them with pollution? They hand pollinate every piece of fruit and flower they grow. Did you know that we, America, have killed 70% of our bees and it will be too costly to pay for manual pollination? Avocadoes could cost $10 with no bees so we have 30% to keep around for fruit and flowers.
6:00 PM is THE time to walk. We have a track around our property that’s about a quarter of a mile and 2 ponds in the back with tracks around them so we enjoy the last light of the day walking some dogs 3 times around, and this time of year, picking and cobbler-ing/eating/storing blackberries.
Since the sun has set, it’s time to officially come back inside. We have either eaten or ate dinner before, during, or after Dr. Phil, usually between 5-6:00 PM. So now it’s 9ish. We patiently wait for Nashville to come on Wednesday’s ( tonight ) at 10:00 PM. Our FAVORITE show to watch !!! Our goal is to write songs for the show. We write songs and say to each other all the time, “This song is perfect for Charlotte,” or, “Juliette is the one to sing this song with her egotistical attitude”. From 9ish to 10:00 PM on Wednesdays or whenever through the rest of the week, I either play/write/practice, exercise, or homeschool. After that, the brain melting process begins…
Teatime… time of relaxation, accomplishment from your day, Al Jazeera, and rest. Chamomile Lemon Ginger with honey is the best thing ever for melting your brain and any thoughts inside of you. Once you drink two cups, you can’t lift your arms. It makes it really challenging to do my GRATITUDE, but for me, that serenity of chamomile tea in your chest brings mental vastness where my head can travel to wherever it likes and I don’t even remember what I write the next day. My GRATITUDE is when I say the 9 things I’m grateful for and the 1 thing I’m fearful for and 2 lines that rhyme at the end, whatever I’m feeling at the moment or throughout the day. It’s like what I write comes from the deepest place, the place I can’t even write from when I’m fully “there”. It’s Magical J
Sleep is the best thing for your brain. I take advantage of that. I’ll prepare my alarm clock for whatever time I’m waking up the next day, whether it be 6:00 AM, 8:45 AM ( my favorite ), noon, or 4:00 PM after a long night in the studio, whatever it may be, I’m always prepared, ready and raring to go.
It never seems impossible…then it’s done
P.S. ….
I can never plan my weekends so it’s virtually impossible to write a routine for Saturday and Sunday :P
- rock the love !



    I'm from Manning which is a small town almost in the center of South Carolina. I was born in Charleston and grew up in Mt. Pleasant until I was 8. That's when I moved to Manning. I've been playing music almost since I was born. I started playing the ukulele when I was like one, but I broke the ukulele in half. Then I got another one and got really good, but "I" thought the ukulele was boring and dorky so I asked for a guitar. Almost immediately I got a nylon, classical guitar, didn't like it, but settled for it anyways. 

     Then, one day my big sister, Davis, (HUGE Hannah Montana fan) found a steel string, dreadnaught guitar in a rich neighborhood trash pile. Davis wanted to smash it in a Miley Cyrus video she was making. She showed my mom, who grew up in Los Angeles and is manically crazy (in a good way). My mom played guitar when she was young and wanted to teach me. So, Davis let her have it. We traded guitars. Mom got my nylon string and I got my first steel string guitar. 

     The first songs I ever learned on the guitar were "Where Have All the Flowers Gone", "Puff the Magic Dragon", and "One Tin Soldier" from the Billy Jack movie. I wrote my first instrumental song when I was about 5 on the ukulele. My first song with lyrics I wrote when I was nine after vacationing in Dollywood. It was called "Smoky Mountain Tennessee". That was also on the ukulele. The first song that I wrote on the guitar was with my mom in the spring of 2010. It was named "Last Bow" and it's about an owl. We weren’t very experienced at writing so our first 2 songs were HEAVILY influenced by the Wailin' Jennys so I consider those 2 songs only SEMI-original. I now play the acoustic and electric guitar, ukulele, piano, and some on the drums. We have now recorded 66 original songs. 

     Many people have helped and supported us along the way. I especially want to thank all 42 kids and teens that have joined us in performing a concert we created called "Free Falling", honoring Fleetwood Mac. Our communities have been supportive and we have performed in Charleston several times at Suede Supper Club, Blackbeards, and at my Uncle Eddie's concert venue, Awendaw Green. 

     We are so grateful for the clubs, pubs, bars, and restaurants that have invited us to their OPEN MIC nights. These venues are the heart and soul of our beginnings. Special thanks to the Shriners and Piggly Wiggly. They have been supportive of all the local artists along with Wonder Works Toy stores who was the first to encourage us. Thank you to the City of Charleston for allowing its artists to have a peddlers license. This is where we started making the big bucks! We were able to test out our original material on passing byers from all parts of the world. I know which songs they will pay me to sing! 

     South Carolina has many talented up and coming stars: Karoline Rhett, Kylie Hinze, Stop Light Observations with Wyatt Garey, Doug White, Emily Skipper, Camille Blanchard, Cavalier in Clay, Claire Marie Brannen, and Semaj Whitener. Check out some of my favorites! 

    Forever I'll be grateful to Chip at Lowcountry Bluegrass Academy for telling me for the first time in my life that I had a beautiful voice and I sounded like Loretta Lynn. I had no idea but I believed him. And thank you Lindsey Buckingham for allowing us to pitch our material to you while you were on tour passing through Charleston. I'm sure L.A has heard our tunes by now! 

    The next big question was what do we do with all our songs. Like many artists, we have a lot of material and have to figure out how to market it. We are writing a booklet called, "A 13 Step Plan: How to Make Money in the Music Business" from our experiences. We started by buying a few websites;,, and the one that is sure to make money is We have made many friends in the music business and we are all supporting each other with ideas. We all want to be successful and some of us want to make money at this! 

    I don't have a lot of other hobbies and interests. I hate school and I'm forced to do that the majority of the day. 7th grade sucks! I do get to spend a lot of time with my animals. I have four pets. One horse (a bay Appaloosa) named Pacific, which means peaceful in some other language that I don't know and 3 dogs named Sissi, Tyson, and Topanga. Sissi is a black lab, Tyson is a German Shepherd, Wolf mix and stays at our Warehouse, our 103 year old fixer upper in downtown Manning, with his brother Terix, and Topanga. He is a German Shepherd, Wolf, Anatolian, Great Pyrenees mix. 

    A typical week day in my life is waking up at 11:00am, eating a bowl of homemade granola, going outside to play with my new puppy Topanga, feeding my moms horse, Bell, getting dressed and going to home school at the Warehouse which is our music and art studio, getting my little brother, Jaden, 6th grade, from public school, going and doing MORE home school, going home, then at night my work begins. 

    I design tees, write songs, and make guitar pick necklaces out of hemp and beads. On the weekends, I go to my dad's house. He has a silk screening tee shirt company. I screen tees, design on the computer, record in his recording studio, and if I have free time, I go to our recreational property that we own in Cameron, SC where we have more horses, Pacific and Mustango. Me and mom ride them when we have time. That's what I consider real fun! 

     My mom says that if it doesn't feel like work your probably not going to make any money so we all work hard because we all want to make lots of money! We have a giant support group of artists and would love for you to be part of it. If you know fun stuff or want to learn fun stuff about being a entrepreneur keep in touch. I am working on my website now, and our online store,, that will include all of our music business products including It will be up and running by the summer of 2013. As I gather information I'll be passin' it on. Rock On! 

     PS: I also heard that sleep is the best for your brain so I take advantage of that.   :)




Mind Tide Music... Produced, Recorded, Exclusively Performed, and Co-Written by Ginger Winn.







  Z o d i a c   S i g n s  


Jaden Winn - Aries

 Chelsea Summers - Aries

Brady Sklar - Aries

Nina Rose - Aries

Wyatt Garey - Taurus

Haley Mae Campbell - Taurus

Katie Rose - Gemini

Casey Malanuk - Gemini

E'Lon Jordan  - Gemini

Erik Abrahamsson - Cancer

Simon Everett - Cancer

Ken Jones - Cancer

Kaye White - Cancer 

Emily Skipper - Cancer

Kylie Odetta - Leo

Missy Jones - Virgo

Jenna Marsey - Virgo 

Brandon Lamar Simmons - Virgo

Chase Martin - Virgo

Ginger Winn - Virgo

McKenna Andrews - Virgo

Corey - Libra

Eddie White - Libra 

Alexander Madison Hoffman - Scorpio

Camille Blanchard - Scorpio

Chandler Brown - Sagittarius

Kyle Teeters - Sagittarius 

Grace Evans - Aquarius

Connor Eccles - Aquarius

Ben Pannenbacker - Pisces



Jaden Winn

Chelsea Summers

Brady Sklar

Nina Rose

Kylie Odetta

Chandler Brown 

Kyle Teeters



Wyatt Garey

Haley Mae Campbell

Missy Jones

Jenna Marsey

Brandon Lamar Simmons

Chase Martin

Ginger Winn

McKenna Andrews



Katie Rose

Casey Malanuk

E'Lon Jordan


Eddie White

Grace Evans

Connor Eccles



Erik Abrahamsson

Simon Everett

Ken Jones

Kaye White

Emily Skipper

Alex Madison Hoffman

Camille Blanchard

Ben Pannanbacker 







Poems by Ginger Winn



If your painting a piece with bottles and brushes
And colors brighter than the sun
Or sitting behind a desk, typing all day
You're always ready to take your dreams and run

People say you'll never capture your fortune
Or you'll never catch your fame
They tell me I can't say whatever I want
But they can never splash out this flame

All I need is my guitar and me
To capture and catch my dreams
But, I'm not delicate and fragile like a butterfly's wings
All this negativity has boosted my high self esteem!

Luck is nothing if your not prepared
If your not ready to fight the fire
The climb to success is like a never ending ladder
That keeps getting higher and higher

The sound of success is like your favorite song
And the scent is a beautiful flower
It feels like the softest silk on earth
And a taste that makes your mouth want to devour

If you always remember through thick and thin
To Act as if it's Impossible to Fail
You'll be singing forever in a gentle, green meadow
And your success will always be a never ending tale







Years and years

Of smiles and fears

New feelings and faces

Reflecting through mirrors

A rusty chain fence

Wraps around me wide

A rainbow of flowers

Creates perfumes with eyes

Sometimes they whisper

In the wind with the willows

Singing and chanting

Rest your head on a pillow

Creaky old floors

With my fading white paint

Pecan trees with green leaves

Where Spanish moss blows all day

One-hundred three years

Where my family has lived

Forever and always

But my thoughts were short lived

Changing my floors

And painting my walls

Redoing my doors

Erasing my flaws

Jullian worked so hard

But soon I would see

Life isn't forever

And gone he would be

Mary was my last friend

She lived here alone

Sweeping and sewing

Her last days were fun

She kept me company

But just like him

Soon she was gone, too

Together again

For time and time

I sat there alone

The sign went up

And my family was gone

But after years and years

Of smiles and fears

At least what's left of me

Just Memories, Ashes, and Tears

People came to look at me

But all they said was no

I dripped and cried everyday and night

My pipes just flowed and flowed

But then one day somebody came

And looked around my rooms

They loved me dearly and all I can say is

I love them dearly, too!

I will provide them with all of my love

Until they're last smile and fear

They'll make a new family inside my walls

New Memories, Ashes, and Tears



I want to thank my 7th grade English teacher, Ms. Crooks, for giving me such entertaining writing topics and her suggestions have made me a better writer. I also want to thank my Homeroom teacher, Ms. Grotteland, for all of her encouragement. She has definitely pushed me to my limits and it was SO worth it. I'll miss you guys next year!