What makes music southern

Traditionally, southern music is an expression of the soul. Some say it's sung from the heart.

Do you write for customers?

We love to collaborate but we encourage people to express their opinions and vision as well. 

Where do you record?

Southern Harmony Recording Studios, Florence, SC, and other studios in Charleston, SC and Muscle Shoals, AL with the FAME band.

Do you have different genres?

Yes! Southern music is a blend of many cultures, especially blues, soul, and country.

Can I pick from a list from of songs?

Yes, we have many songs written and recorded. 

Do you market songs for others to record?

Yes. It's customary for other people to cover each others music. Sometimes that's the best customer you can get and we'd love for someone to find a song they love, record it, and get that song up and working. 

What distinguishes South Carolina southern music?

South Carolina is between the north and the south and the Atlantic Ocean and the west, drawing influence from each cultural direction. There's a unique blend that's different from any other music in the world.