P    O    N    D    E    R    I    N    G        W    A    D    E


Laid Back All Original Fierce Foursome Female Front showcasing Mesmerizing Harmonies backed by a Killer Drummer.

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Lochlann Kilburn- Vocals, Irish Bouzouki

I grew up in a family of 6 sisters and 1 brother. we all sing, dance, draw, you name it.
being the youngest of all I sat, listened and watched them. It was already ingrained in me to do the same. I could sing harmonies to a song from the first time hearing it like it was normal and common to do. I've been writing and singing for several years. Huge passion, it's what makes me, me.

Kelly Angeles- Vocals, Mandolin, Bass

At an early age I was put into music playing the violin. It was something that I was passionate about because of my love for music. As it goes for many, things happen that get in the way of your dreams so i had to discontinue my lessons. However I never stopped singing and writing and a few years later I picked up bass guitar and played in several bands as a bassist while pursuing my other passion, writing novels.
Although it hurt, once again I had to put the music on hold but now I'm back pursuing this project with my sister Lochlann and niece Dani , we are loving every moment of it!


Dani Evans- Vocals, Mandolin

I am the niece lol. I have been singing as long as I was old enough to speak. It runs in the family starting with my grandfather, my father and my seven aunts, so I am proud to say that I got it natural. It's so amazing how we have our own styles but can pull it all together and come up with a blend of something beautiful. I'm excited to be apart of this project and enjoy working with my two laid back crazy kin. Get ready for us!


Chris Cornwell- Drums/Percussion

Born in North Carolina, began with hitting pop-corn cans with chop sticks at a young age! Later his folks bought him a drum-set followed by Granny and Aunts purchase of a bas-guitar. Later curiousity lead to experimenting with other instruments where Chris Cornwell the Artist, Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist foundation started to form. Chris Cornwell was accepted to Berklee College of Music in 2004.


Ginger Winn- Vocals, Guitar, Viola, Ukulele


I've been influenced by many different musicians and genres. I would describe the kind of music that I play as MEANINGFUL MUSIC. I've been writing and performing for 4 years. My career started at my Uncle Eddie's concert venue, AWENDAW GREEN, near Charleston, SC. Before moving to Manning, I lived near Charleston in Mount Pleasant, SC close to the coast. In 2012, I won the Clarendon County Talent Show and in 2013, I won a songwriting contest at the Clay Pot in Florence, SC. I began a campaign of newspaper articles advocating for young songwriters
"W-R-I-T-E- -O-N" - Macklemore




Pondering Wade's 







Kilburn then joked,

“Let it be known we hold our own with the big bad guy bands of our genre. 

Watch out fellas.”





! ! ! Pondering Wade ! ! !






North Carolina

October 5th, 2014




North Carolina 

October 25th, 2014






November 1st, 2014






South Carolina

December 27, 2014


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