"you are still very young and have no basis to have political opinions donald trump is a pompous ass who has created way too much expectation on a group of ignorant people
I pray am that this group doesn't some day turn on him he is nothing like his average voter and he has no idea how to fix this country he's an ego maniac without any plans despite your lack of formal education which I find appalling you are a very bright talented girl people with sense are terrified about this lunatics approach to government ignorance is learned so I make sure you are careful not to accept only one side I have lived my life helping people in need trust me the world is more complicated than one millionaire can fix

by the way he doesn't value the arts he intends to cut funding for all of it he doesn't value diversity or creativity all those things you love trump us all about money he has no use for people who are trying to find themselves and express themselves only time will tell but he truly is the worst of the two evils best of luck playing music in places that can't afford to stay open because none of their patrons have any money or health care or food any more enjoy your youthful opinion and pray we have a country that looks anything like what we live in now in 4 years

people had right to choose whoever they wanted but it wasnt a personality contest it was a presidential election to lead a county
i find it sad that so many children got caught up in who should run a country full of millions of people and millions of problems continue to follow the legal issues stay involved understand what the man is doing and how it affects you personally because every decision made will impact us individually the rich will become richer during this administration the question is how will the middle class or poorer fair

ginger as you go forward become involved locally on a county and state level know what these politicians stand for help them make the world be the place you want to live in
be active you have time that lots of other people don't have get informed you may find that trump stands for things you believe or that he doesn't you will be able to vote in the next elections pick the people who support the issues for you I'm not looking forward to a trump universe that's my choice just as much as its yours to be excited only time will tell